What Is A Lotion Bar?

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Did you know that lotion is 70% water? 

Yup, that big plastic bottle of lotion you bought at the store is mostly...agua

Lotion is created by mixing water with oils (and some other additives like fragrance). But you've heard the saying 'water and oil don't mix', right? Enter an emulsifier, the ingredient that allows the two to bind together and form that lovely white goop everyone loves to slather on their skin to alleviate dryness.

Maybe its because we live in New York, where space is very limited. Or maybe it's because we were horrified by all the plastic bottles under our bathroom sinks. Or maybe we didn't want to worry about TSA throwing away our lotion bottles in the security line at the airpot. Or all of the above. 

What could solve all of these issues???


Enter our Moisturizing Botanical Bar. A solid vegan (no beeswax) bar made with skin loving plant butters (cacao), luxurious oils (nopal oil), and botanicals (tepezcohuite). It is handmade and formulated to melt on skin contact. Yes, every single one is hand poured. (spoiler alert: we may be working on releasing another one with a different scent soon.👀)

Most solid moisturizers are referred to as lotion bars. This is an understandable description since most people equate moisturizing the skin with lotion. To be honest, we sometimes refer to our Botanical Bar as a lotion bar internally here at Nopalera. It's fast and easy. Two syllables instead of four. We get it. 

But for the record, it's not actually a lotion bar! Lotion requires water and emulsification. 

Creating a natural product like this one is not without challenges. It is temperature sensitive and will melt in extreme heat. (don't leave it in your car in the summer, Texas friends!). 

But we think the trade off is worth it. And judging by how quickly it became a customer favorite, we know you feel the same. 



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