Life As A Mom-Preneur

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Being a mom can be just as hard as being a business owner! As a founder, CEO, or entrepreneur you wear many hats in your business, when you are ALSO a mom, those hats you wear DOUBLE. 

We asked our founder for advice to women who are juggling some big responsibilities like being an entrepreneur and a mom...



  • Working from home can be challenging because my family thinks they can talk to me anytime! I'm working! Working while my child is at school ensures I have quiet time.
  • Be prepared to be interrupted - take it with ease and grace. Sometimes I'm in an important meeting and I get a call from the school that my child is sick. It happens!
  • Showing my daughter that you can be your own boss is the most rewarding. She has watched me build my company from the ground up.
  • If you have a teenager, ask them to help you with Tik Tok! Get their opinions on trends.


 Mom's got this!! 💪🏼

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