Writing Our Own Story + Future Dreaming

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It’s your story. You can share it, but only you can write it. You belong where you choose to belong and where you feel the most worthy. Nobody will ever know better than you. 

Think about it. A nopal is not born tall, strong and beautiful. That takes courage. That takes nourishment from our Earth and our ancestors. Just like it takes us courage to grow through life. The growth is always inside of you - it only takes believing in it and believing in yourself. Every step you take with intention you will leave a seed planted for your own growth. 

Another year is about to be gone. But let’s not only say goodbye, let us also say thank you to ourselves for walking head high in a path we have created for ourselves. Reflect on the lessons learned and on the lessons you have yet to learn. Envision what’s next but don’t stress about what’s next. 

We are all born in different lands surrounded by different cultures and customs. We move and shift with the Earth and time but one thing that never changes is the power to write our own story. We should never be moved by anything or anyone - only ourselves. You’re not here to be shoved into a category “no somos niche”.  

Before we can be comfortable writing our story we have to be courageous enough to own our journey. If you can’t own the journey you’re standing in, then there’s not a world in which you can help yourself write a story you’ve only ever dreamt of. It’s so easy to compare our journeys with others around us. Why do I have to work harder to be seen by them? Why is it that they grew up with a circle of professionals around them? Why do I have to step out of the house and take four buses to get to school or work? Why do I have to work twice as hard for what they only work a minimum? Why am I at home taking care of my siblings while they are out meeting new people, seeing the world? There are so many other questions you might have asked yourself growing up. Many of these might’ve even made you feel ashamed or different for a moment. They might have pushed you to sink in with the rest and not stand out. Eventually this could have led to a life of either not seeing what you wanted or wanting what they had. 

One thing they didn’t tell you is that courage is contagious. The moment you step out of their view and step into your own sight you will find all the wonderful things that you are. You are a chingona and you are a jefa. You’re jefa of your own life. The moment you step into your worth is the moment that you will attract happiness, light, and success. And people will follow. 

Whatever beautiful city or country you are from - own that. Whatever music got you through middle school and high school - own that. Whatever experience you lived to get you to where you are now - own that. The lipstick shade that gives you confidence when you walk out the door - own that. The platillo that your grandma made every weekend - own that. Own the tacos, own the nopal, own the hoops that carry power in them, own the vaporub milagroso, own your neighborhood, own your style and own the hand-me-downs, own everything that made you into the person you see right now. The moment you choose to hide even the tiniest part about you is the moment you lose sight of the future that is made for you. 

The truth is that the life and things you want are not as far as you think. Call it manifesting or call it hoping. You are the catalyst that will make it happen. Your mind, your courage, your discipline, and the love and respect you have for yourself - that’s the catalyst and the water your seeds need in order to grow. 

After learning the value of owning your journey there is future dreaming to be done. Take a breath of confidence and close your eyes and imagine where your future self is. What is your future self doing? How does the future you feel… are they calm, happy, excited, satisfied, eager? Forget how you got there for now. Just allow yourself to imagine and simply let it happen. 

Nada bueno en la vida es forzado.

As opposed to others’ opinions, building your future isn’t heavy lifting all the way up. In fact don’t even imagine a hill, just envision an infinite land with a few hills and rabbit holes. It’s only difficult if you make it difficult. And when you reach those hills that simply can’t be avoided, that's when you will need to bring in your strength and believe in your journey more than ever. Nothing will ever be strong enough to halt your journey. Everything you want is already yours. Find the peace in yourself to let it flow and take action when it feels right. 

That’s the best part of your story! The parts you don’t limit. The moments where you decide there are no limits to writing your story. If you’ve ever seen the ocean you’ve come across the quiet ripples and looked past them into the setting sun. Every reflection of light on that water is a part of your story. The ripples seem infinite so why shouldn’t your dreams be infinite too? Let your journey bring you peace like the ocean brings peace to the horizon.  

The infinite ocean serves as a blanket to the setting sun. This will show you that just like the sun on your end of the world, you also need time to be wrapped up, cared for, and recharged. Don’t try to build a future by making it a task you’re not allowed to take breaks from. It’s a gorgeous thing to see a clear or a blurred vision of the life you want but it’s an unhealthy thing to work non-stop without giving yourself grace. Take the moments in life that you deserve to feel gratitude and pride in yourself and the loved ones who have supported you along the way. When you’re ready to keep dreaming, take the time to find a peaceful place to set goals. 

If thinking too much ahead overwhelms you then don’t worry about long-term goals. Start with short-term goals. You don’t need to decide now, despite what others say. A short-term goal could be an activity that brings you peace and therefore gets you one step closer to the life you envision. It’s the moments when you choose to feel peace and have a clear canvas that will bring you the most creative thoughts. Sometimes these uninterrupted thoughts are the ones that will turn into your long-term goals. As soon as you feel an urge to do something, no matter how big, you write that down. Find a journal, an agenda, or even a post-it note. Keep your goals safe and clean from the stresses and doubts that life will throw at you. Don’t try to find the right time, that time never comes because it never really leaves. Every time is the right time. 

Remember, a happy mind and heart mean a clear and motivated mind. Break it up into small pieces. Make time to get to all of those pieces. Every piece is a goal. And every goal accomplished is a moment of gratitude and celebration. 

Never stop celebrating yourself. 

Take a night for yourself in the bath with the mood-lifting aromas of the jasmine flower in the Flor de Mayo Cactus Soap. Grab a post-it note after your spa and write down a new goal (short or long-term) and stick it on your vanity. The next morning wake up fresh and clear-headed after a face wash with the Mandarina Cactus Flower Exfoliant. You’ll see your new goal looking back at you in the mirror after you’ve rinsed your face of the brightening oils. You can either plan for a time in the day to work towards your goal or you can go about your day and let the moment come to you. We’re not all wired the same, we all move in different ways and become motivated in different ways. Just remember to make the time and never stop owning the journey. Take the life you envision. It’s yours. 


Written By Itzel Delgadillo

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