Self-Care 3 Ways: It's About Time.

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Here at Nopalera we’ll never stop reminding ourselves (and you!) about the importance of self-care.

And even though self-care looks different for everyone, one ingredient it always requires is time.

I know, I know! This is the one thing nobody has enough of. But I promise you, whether it’s five minutes in the bathroom (I see you) or an hourlong walk in the park, it is possible to set aside a little piece of peace every day. 

Here’s a twist: Just because it’s self-care doesn’t mean it has to be solitary. Sometimes the best self-care is time spent in conversation with a good friend. As long as it recharges (as opposed to drains) you, it counts.
When it comes to time and self-care, I like to think of it in three ways – as something to takesomething to give, and something to receive.

Take Time to Yourself (even if it’s just 5 minutes)
It can be easy to spend all day every day dealing with other people’s needs. If you’re caring for small children, you might not even have that alone time in the bathroom I mentioned (I’ve been there!). If the idea of taking time to yourself every day seems absolutely impossible, you probably need it more than anyone. Maybe it’s in the shower (with a cactus scrub 🌵), maybe it’s when you first wake up in the morning, or right before you go to bed. Find those few minutes of quiet time that you can set aside *just for you* – with no agenda or tasks to complete – and treat them as sacred.


Give Time as a Gift (and enjoy the mutual benefits)
This one may seem counterintuitive. I just told you to take time for yourself! And if you’re already strapped for time, how can you give it away? The  truth is you’re already spending a lot of time and energy on other people. Once you start thinking about your time as a precious gift, you can spend it more intentionally on people you care about. Connecting with people you love uplifts them and you –and ends up being an important part of self-care.


Receive Time as an Opportunity (forwards ever, backwards never)
Wait – how is receiving different than taking? Taking time for yourself is an active declaration of self-value and establishing boundaries. But sometimes life is out of our control (see 2020). Did something you had planned not work out? Did someone bail on a commitment? Did everything get canceled by a global pandemic? For whatever reason, sometimes our whole world cracks apart and time opens up unexpectedly. We can either regret the things that didn’t happen or be open to new things that could. I think you know my feeling on that. After all, resilience is beauty.

Here’s to taking, giving, and receiving!

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