Clean Beauty Brands + Retailers We Love!

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June 4th is National Clean Beauty Day and we won't ever miss an opportunity to celebrate brands that use clean ingredients to deliver amazing products that our abuelas would approve of! 



Tower 28 Beauty:

Tower 28 high-performance beauty products are made with non-irritating ingredients designed for sensitive skin. Clean, vegan, cruelty-free, dermatologist tested, allergy tested. Their products are amazing and the company is super transparent about ingredients! 

Youthforia On Shark Tank:

Youthforia is a clean and sustainable makeup brand that makes makeup that's good for your skin and safe to sleep in. Their products are made with plant-based ingredients and certified by USDA BioPreferred. Better for your skin AND the planet! 



Credo Beauty:

Credo fearlessly pushes beauty forward by setting the most demanding standards so that one day, all beauty will be clean beauty. All brands (over 2,700) carried at Credo avoid using ingredients on "The Dirty List". Our founder formulated our products based on the Credo Beauty Standards! 


Beauty Heroes: 

Beauty Heroes currently holds the most rigorous ingredient standard in the industry. The products selected are formulated with the highest quality, most natural, organic, biodynamic, and wild-harvested ingredients. (Yes we're one of those brands 😉).


Whole Foods: 

Whole Foods has banned 180+ ingredients commonly used in beauty and body products. Organic claims on body care products are required to be backed up by a third-party certification. THIS WEEK we just launched into 12 different New York Whole Foods locations! 👏🏽


Here in the beauty + body care industries, we're trying to help guide people into watching what they use ON their bodies. We're happy to be working alongside these amazing companies to help do so!! 

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