3 Ways To Refresh Your Routine

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Spring is the season of newness and growth. Animals wake up from hibernation, new flowers bloom, and the weather changes for all of this to happen.
Similar to the laws of nature, we must create a new environment to invite growth into our own lives. 

This season is the perfect time to reflect on our lingering winter routines and alter them to fit a new season of life.

3 Way To Refresh Your Routines:
  1. De-clutter your space. We don't need to be like our abuelas and save everything, amig@. Get rid of things that you no longer need! Donate/sell your old clothes, clean out the trash in your junk drawer, organize your desktop, and make your sacred spaces feel like a breath of fresh air! 

  2. Add something new to your self-care routine. Keep your self-care rituals exciting so you look forward to taking care of yourself. Try new scents of your favorite products, buy a new book, and carve out 15 minutes minimum a day to do something for yourself if you don't do this already.

  3. Pick up a new hobby. In seasons of growth, we must challenge ourselves. Trying a new hobby for no reason other than enjoyment is an extension of self-care! Learn how to cook a couple of new meals, learn a new language, move your body, or start taking care of a couple of plants! 

Make room for yourself to grow like a plant this season, amig@. We deserve this time and investment into ourselves year-round!

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